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Optimizing Facebook Comment Ranking for Enhanced Engagement

Facebook Comment Ranking is an essential feature that every business owner, marketer, and blogger should be aware of to optimize their engagement on the platform. This powerful tool helps you manage your audience’s interactions by promoting high-quality comments while hiding less relevant ones. 

Optimizing Facebook comment ranking involves utilizing algorithms and strategies to prioritize and display the most relevant and engaging comments on a post. Facebook’s comment ranking system aims to enhance the overall user experience by showcasing high-quality and valuable contributions while minimizing low-quality or spammy comments.

It’s important to note that while optimizing comment ranking is possible, the exact workings of Facebook’s algorithm are not publicly disclosed, and the system may evolve over time. Therefore, staying informed about Facebook’s community guidelines and keeping up with platform updates is crucial for effectively optimizing comment ranking on the platform.

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Optimizing Facebook Comment Ranking

Understanding Comment Ranking on Facebook

Comment ranking is a feature that changes the order of comments on your Facebook profile or page, prioritizing what Facebook considers to be the most meaningful and relevant. This includes comments from friends, verified profiles, and those with higher engagement rates. 

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How Does Comment Ranking Work?

The primary goal of comment ranking is to improve user experience by exhibiting high-quality conversations at the top of the comments section. 

The algorithm takes into account various factors such as:

  • User engagement (likes, replies)
  • The familiarity between users (friends or mutual connections)
  • Status of commenter’s profile (verified accounts)
  • Tailoring content based on individual preferences

This ensures that when you view a post’s comments, you see those that are more likely to be interesting or valuable first.

Better Engagement Through Ranked Comments

Rather than displaying all comments in chronological order, ranked commenting allows popular threads to remain visible longer. This encourages continued interaction among users who may have otherwise missed out on engaging with these conversations due to their placement within an unranked system.

Influence of Verified Profiles & Friends’ Comments

A key aspect of comment-ranking algorithms involves giving priority placement to interactions involving verified profiles and friends’ input; ensuring their contributions receive greater visibility compared to other less familiar sources. 

This way, it creates an environment where trusted voices stand out while still allowing room for diverse perspectives from others within the community.

Customizing Comment Ranking Preferences

You can customize your comment ranking preferences to better suit your needs. 

For example, if you prefer seeing comments from friends first regardless of engagement rates or verified status – this option is available within the Public Posts settings for personal profiles and Page Settings for admins.

Enabling or Disabling Comment Ranking for Personal Profiles

For personal profiles with a large number of followers, comment ranking is automatically enabled by default. You can choose to disable comment ranking if desired. 

Accessing Public Post Settings

  • Login to your Facebook account and click on the dropdown arrow located at the top right corner of the page.
  • Select ‘Settings & Privacy’ from the menu that appears.
  • In the left sidebar menu, click on ‘Public Posts.’

This will take you to a page where you can manage various aspects related to public posts made by your profile, including who can follow you and how comments are ranked on these posts.

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Editing Comment Ranking Preferences

  • In the ‘Comment Ranking’ section of this page, locate an option labeled “Rank Comments.” This setting determines whether comments are ranked based on their relevance or simply displayed chronologically as they’re posted.
  • To disable comment ranking: Click “Edit” next to Rank Comments and select “Off.”
  • To enable comment ranking: Click “Edit” next to Rank Comments and select “On.”

By enabling comment ranking, Facebook will use a ranking system to prominently show high-quality comments and push low-quality comments to the bottom. This helps improve relevance and makes it easier for people to find the most relevant comments. 

Managing Comment Ranking as a Page Admin

As an admin of a business or community page on Facebook, you have more control over enabling or disabling comment ranking features. 

Navigating Page Settings

To access the comment ranking settings for your Facebook page, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account and go to the desired page where you are an admin.
  2. From the top right corner of the page, click on “Settings”.
  3. In the left sidebar menu, click on “General.”
  4. Scroll down until you find “Comment Ranking” and click on “Edit.”

Adjusting Comments Sorting Options

The “Edit” option allows you to enable or disable comment ranking for your Facebook page. By default, all pages have this feature enabled. 

To change it:

  • To enable comment ranking: Check the box next to “See most relevant comments by default.” Click “Save Changes” when done.
  • To disable comment ranking: Uncheck the box next to “See most relevant comments by default.” Click “Save Changes” when done.

Note: Disabling comment ranking means that comments will be displayed chronologically instead of being sorted based on relevance and engagement rates. 

Benefits of Using Comment Ranking

Using comment ranking has many advantages when it comes to user experience and content management on both personal profiles and pages alike.

Improved User Engagement

The primary benefit of using Facebook’s comment-ranking system is the increased possibility of meaningful interactions among users. By prioritizing comments that are relevant, engaging, or from friends and verified profiles, you’re more likely to nurture a positive environment for discussion on your posts. 

This not only encourages people to participate in conversations but also helps maintain an active community around your content.

Highlighted Relevant Conversations

Comment ranking brings attention to valuable conversations happening within the comments section and makes it easier for other users to find them and join in on the conversation. 

This ultimately leads to the higher-quality discourse surrounding your posts – something every business owner or marketer should strive for when managing their online presence.

Promoting Positive Interactions with Verified Profiles and friends

  • Friends: Comments made by friends will be given priority placement due to their established connection with you as a user.
  • Verified Profiles: Recognizable figures such as celebrities or influencers often receive special treatment in terms of comment visibility thanks to their verified status – allowing fans easy access to ongoing dialogues featuring these individuals without needing extra searching efforts themselves.

Utilizing Facebook’s comment-ranking feature can significantly improve the overall user experience on your profile or page. 

Hiding Unwanted Comments from Your View

While using the comment-ranking system helps prioritize meaningful conversations at first glance, sometimes unwanted comments may still appear in threads despite their lower rankings. 

Hiding Individual Comments & Viewing Hidden Ones

To hide a specific comment on your Facebook post or page:

  • Hover over the comment you want to hide.
  • Click on the three-dot menu icon that appears next to it.
  • Select “Hide Comment” from the options provided.

This will make the comment disappear from your view and a notification indicating it has been concealed will take its place. However, keep in mind that other users can still see and interact with hidden comments unless an admin or moderator of a Page also removes them. 

To unhide a previously hidden comment:

  • Locate the message indicating that a comment has been hidden (it should be where you hid the original).
  • Click on “Unhide.”

If you’re an admin of a Facebook Page and wish to permanently delete unwanted comments instead of just hiding them, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your Facebook Page’s timeline where the undesirable comment is located. Note: You must be logged into your account as an administrator for this step. The Wall Blog offers detailed instructions about managing roles within Pages here: Facebook Page Roles
  • Hover over the comment you want to delete.
  • Click on the three-dot menu icon that appears next to it.
  • Select “Delete” from the dropdown menu and confirm your action when prompted. Please note: Deleting a comment is permanent, and there’s no way to recover it once removed. Use this option with caution.

Common Issues with Comment Rankings

While Facebook comment ranking can be useful for managing audience interactions and highlighting relevant conversations, some users may encounter issues with this feature. 

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Double-checking Settings

Verify that the comment-ranking feature is performing as anticipated by double-checking your settings. 

Confirm that you have implemented the instructions provided in this article correctly. For personal profiles, revisit Public Post settings, while page admins should check their Page Settings

If everything appears correct but issues persist, consider reaching out to Facebook Help Center for further assistance.

Understanding Facebook Algorithm Updates

Sometimes, changes in Facebook’s algorithm can impact how comments are ranked on your profile or page. Staying informed about these updates can help you better understand any fluctuations in engagement rates or visibility of certain comments. 

Follow reputable sources like TechCrunch, Search Engine Land, and even official announcements from the Facebook Newsroom to stay up-to-date on any significant changes affecting user experience.

  • Engagement Baiting: Facebook has cracked down on engagement baiting, which refers to posts that explicitly ask users to like, share, or comment. If your content falls under this category, it may be penalized and result in lower-ranked comments.
  • Clickbait Headlines: Similarly, if your post contains clickbait headlines designed to mislead users or generate artificial engagement, the algorithm might demote such content and affect comment rankings accordingly.
  • Fake News & Spammy Content: Facebook continuously updates its algorithms to combat fake news and spammy content. Ensure that your posts adhere to their Community Standards and provide accurate information for optimal comment ranking performance.

FAQs about Facebook Comment Ranking

Facebook ranks comments based on various factors, including engagement (likes, replies), relevance to the user, and negative feedback. The algorithm prioritizes comments that have more interactions and are likely to be of interest to users. This helps surface meaningful conversations and reduces spam or low-quality content.

To view top comments on a Facebook post, click the dropdown arrow next to “Sort” below the comment section. Select “Top Comments” from the options available. This will rearrange the displayed comments according to their ranking by Facebook’s algorithm, showing those with higher engagement first.

To access comment ranking settings for your Facebook Page, go to your Page Settings > General > Comment Ranking. Here you can enable or disable this feature as per your preference. When enabled, it sorts public posts’ comments by default according to their relevance and engagement levels.

“Up” in reference to a specific comment indicates that someone has replied directly underneath it within a conversation thread rather than posting an entirely new one at the bottom of all other existing threads.

Facebook’s comment ranking system is designed to improve relevance and promote quality comments. In the past, low-quality comments would often be buried under more popular ones, making them difficult to find. However, with the new ranking system, comments people are more likely to find interesting or relevant are prominently displayed. This means that even if a comment has fewer followers, it can still be ranked higher if it is deemed relevant and engaging.

On the other hand, the ranking system also means that low-quality comments may be demoted or hidden from view. Facebook’s algorithm considers negative feedback, such as reports of spam or offensive content, and may reduce the visibility of such comments. This helps to maintain a positive and engaging environment for users.


Understanding Facebook Comment Ranking can greatly benefit business owners, marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and founders who want to improve user engagement and highlight relevant conversations. By enabling or disabling comment ranking for personal profiles or managing it as a page admin, you can adjust the comments sorting options and hide unwanted comments from your view.

However, it’s important to double-check settings and keep up with Facebook algorithm updates to avoid common issues with comment rankings. With these tips in mind, businesses can use Facebook Comment Ranking to its fullest potential.

With the comment ranking system, Facebook aims to improve relevance and promote quality comments. This means that comments people find more valuable will be ranked higher and prominently shown, while low-quality comments will be ranked lower and may not be shown at all. This feature is available for Facebook pages and public posts, and it can help improve the overall user experience for your followers.

It’s important to note that comment ranking may result in fewer followers seeing your posts if they don’t engage with your content. However, this can also help you identify your most engaged followers and tailor your content to their interests.

Overall, Facebook Comment Ranking can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve user engagement and promote quality conversations. By following these tips and keeping up with Facebook algorithm updates, you can use comment ranking to its fullest potential.

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