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Discover 9 Popular Pinterest Users for Endless Inspiration

Uncovering well-known Pinteresters can be a great asset for those hoping to stay on top of trends in different fields. These influential pinners have managed to captivate their audience with stunning visuals, innovative ideas, and valuable insights. 

These are just a few examples of popular Pinterest users who have gained a significant following by providing high-quality and visually inspiring content. Keep in mind that the popularity of Pinterest users can change over time as new creators emerge and trends shift. Exploring different categories on Pinterest can help you discover influential users in your specific areas of interest.

Popular Pinterest Users

Joy Cho – Oh Joy.

With over 13 million followers, Joy Cho is one of the most-followed Pinterest users. She stresses quality over quantity and her boards fit into lifestyle categories such as travel, food, home, and beauty. Her content is visually appealing and inspiring for those looking to improve their own lifestyles.

Travel Inspiration from Around the World

Joy’s travel board features stunning images from destinations across the globe. From picturesque European cities to exotic Asian landscapes, these pins will spark your wanderlust and encourage you to explore new places.

Delicious Recipes for Food Enthusiasts

If you’re a foodie at heart, Joy’s food board is a must-follow. Tantalizing dishes from starters to sweets, Joy’s food board has something for every culinary enthusiast.

  • Savory: Discover delicious main courses like slow-cooked meats or flavorful vegetarian options.
  • Sweet: Indulge in delectable dessert recipes including cakes, cookies, and pastries that’ll satisfy any sweet tooth.
  • Beverages: Explore refreshing drink ideas perfect for entertaining guests or simply enjoying on your own time.

Home Decor Ideas for Every Room

Create a beautiful living space with help from her extensive collection of home decor pins on her home board. 

  1. Living Room: Find ideas for cozy seating arrangements and stylish accent pieces that’ll elevate your space.
  2. Bedroom: Uncover dreamy bedding options and unique headboard designs to create a relaxing sanctuary.
  3. Kitchen: Get inspired by modern appliances and chic storage solutions that make cooking more enjoyable than ever before.

Joy Cho – Oh Joy. has been a great source of inspiration for many, providing an array of travel destinations, recipes, and home decor ideas to explore. 

Maryann Rizzo – Interior Design Extraordinaire

With a following of over 9 million on Pinterest, Maryann Rizzo has established herself as an authority in the world of home decor and architecture. Her passion for design is evident through her beautiful photos, which demonstrate various styles that inspire others to create their dream homes.

Showcasing Diverse Architectural Designs

Maryann’s Pinterest boards feature diverse architectural designs from around the globe, including modern minimalist structures, classic Victorian mansions, and charming rustic cottages. 

By exploring these different styles, followers can gain information about how each design approach can enhance both form and function within a living space. Check out her board on architecture for some stunning examples.

Room-by-Room Interior Design Inspirations

Beyond architecture, Maryann also offers room-by-room interior design inspirations created for any taste and preference. From cozy bedroom retreats to sleek kitchen makeovers, she covers all aspects of home decor with detail. To get started on your own interior design journey, browse through her dedicated boards like living rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms & spas.

Outdoor Living Spaces with Style

Maryann also shares her love for outdoor living by making boards that showcase stylish patios, lush gardens, and inviting poolside retreats. Her pins are a reminder that external areas can be crucial in making an agreeable home environment. To find inspiration for your own backyard oasis, take a look at her outdoor spaces board.

Bekka Palmer – Creative Living Advocate

With over 8 million followers, Bekka Palmer’s Pinterest profile is a treasure of inspiration for those wanting to add creativity to their daily lives. Her visually stunning boards cover a wide range of topics, from captivating photography collections to fun DIY project ideas and fashion trends worth following.

Captivating Photography Collections

Bekka’s passion for photography shines through her carefully curated boards that showcase breathtaking landscapes, striking portraits, and everything in between. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or simply appreciate the beauty captured through the lens, Bekka’s Photography board offers endless visual stimulation.

Fun DIY Project Ideas

If you’re looking for creative ways to customize your living space or make thoughtful handmade gifts, Bekka has got you covered with her extensive collection of DIY projects. From home decor hacks to unique craft ideas, her DIY Projects board will keep your hands busy and your imagination soaring.

  • Furniture Makeovers: Transform old furniture pieces into stylish statement items with paint techniques and upholstery tips shared on this board.
  • Paper Crafts: Discover innovative ways to use paper as a medium for creating beautiful art pieces and functional household items.
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions: Learn how to upcycle everyday materials into useful objects while reducing waste in the process.

Fashion Trends Worth Following

As a creative living advocate, Bekka also shares her love for fashion through thoughtfully curated boards that feature the latest trends and timeless styles. Her Fashion board is filled with outfit inspirations, seasonal must-haves, and stylish accessories to help you upgrade your wardrobe.

Incorporating elements from Bekka Palmer’s Pinterest profile into your own life can lead to an enriched sense of creativity and personal expression. 

Poppytalk – A Curated Collection of Ideas

With millions of followers, Poppytalk has grown from a popular blog to an influential Pinterest account that offers a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration. Covering topics such as art & design, entertaining tips, and recipes, Poppytalk’s carefully selected pins provide valuable insights into current trends across multiple industries.

Artistic Expressions Through Various Mediums

Celebrating creativity in all its forms, Poppytalk showcases unique artistic expressions ranging from painting and illustration to photography and sculpture. Discover emerging artists or find fresh inspiration for your own creative projects by exploring their diverse collection of art & illustration pins.

Tasteful Event Planning Suggestions

If you’re looking for ways to elevate your next gathering or celebration, visit Poppytalk’s boards on entertaining. From table settings and floral arrangements to party themes and DIY decorations, their curated content offers countless ideas for hosting memorable events with style. 

Recipes Perfect for Hosting Gatherings

  • Savory Dishes: Impress your guests with mouthwatering appetizers like prosciutto-wrapped melon, or serve up crowd-pleasing main courses like grilled flank steak with chimichurri sauce.
  • Sweet Treats: Delight your friends and family with delectable desserts such as chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons, or indulge in a slice of lemon olive oil cake.
  • Cocktails & Mocktails: Elevate your beverage game by offering guests refreshing libations like grapefruit rosemary mojitos, or opt for non-alcoholic options such as lavender lemonade.

Explore Poppytalk’s Pinterest boards today to uncover endless inspiration for art, design, entertainment, and more.

Jane Wang – The Eclectic Enthusiast

As one of the earliest adopters of Pinterest, Jane Wang has amassed an impressive following of over 8 million people who appreciate her diverse range of interests. Her Pinterest boards cover a wide array of topics including travel, food, fashion, and more. With such an eclectic taste on display, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Discovering Unique Destinations Worldwide

Jane’s passion for exploring the world is evident in her carefully curated travel boards. From hidden gems to popular tourist attractions, she showcases unique destinations that will inspire wanderlust in even the most seasoned traveler. Check out her travel board for ideas on your next adventure.

Exploring Global Cuisine Through Recipes

A true food enthusiast at heart, Jane shares mouthwatering recipes from around the globe that cater to various tastes and dietary preferences. Whether you’re looking for a traditional dish or something with a modern twist, you’ll find plenty of culinary inspiration on her food and drink board.

Fashion-Forward Ideas For Every Season

From cozy winter outfits to chic summer ensembles, she offers up-to-date trends and timeless classics alike. Browse through her extensive collection on her fashionista favorites board to find your next wardrobe inspiration.

In addition to these popular categories, Jane Wang’s Pinterest profile also features boards dedicated to topics such as home decor, DIY projects, and health & wellness. Her eclectic approach ensures that there is always something new and interesting for her followers to discover. 

Bonnie Tsang – Visual Storyteller

With millions of followers on her Pinterest profile, Bonnie Tsang is a visual storyteller who captivates her audience with clear, crisp photos that tell compelling stories. Her neatly organized boards cover various entertainment and travel categories, providing an abundance of inspiration for those seeking visually appealing content.

Entertaining Ideas with Style

Bonnie’s Pinterest account features multiple ideas to elevate your entertaining game. From elegant table settings to creative party themes, you’ll find plenty of pins that will spark your imagination and help you host unforgettable events. 

For example, check out her board dedicated to tabletop design, where she shares stunning images showcasing unique centerpieces and place settings.

Travel Experiences Captured Beautifully

In addition to entertaining tips, Bonnie also offers a glimpse into the world through her breathtaking travel photography. She captures the essence of each destination in vivid detail while highlighting its culture and beauty. 

Explore some must-visit locations by browsing through her travel board. You’ll discover picturesque landscapes from around the globe as well as hidden gems waiting for your next adventure.

If you’re looking for inspiration in other areas such as fashion or home decor, Bonnie has got you covered too. Dive into her collection of stylish outfit ideas on her fashion & style board, or explore interior design trends on her interiors board. 

Pejper – Swedish Lifestyle Bloggers

Run by two women from Sweden, Pejper is a lifestyle blog that has amassed numerous followers on Pinterest due to its captivating images and Scandinavian-inspired design aesthetics. Their pins provide insight into the Nordic way of living while offering various creative inspirations.

Minimalist Interior Design Tips

The Pejper duo exhibits stunning examples of minimalist interior design through their carefully curated boards. They emphasize the importance of clean lines, neutral color palettes, and functional furniture pieces in creating serene spaces for relaxation and rejuvenation. 

For those looking to incorporate this style into their own homes, check out their board dedicated to minimalist interior design tips.

Scandinavian Fashion Trends

Beyond home decor, Pejper also offers a glimpse into the world of Scandinavian fashion trends. With an emphasis on simplicity and functionality without sacrificing style, these fashion-forward looks can inspire anyone seeking wardrobe updates with a touch of Nordic flair. 

Sustainable Living Practices

  • Eco-friendly materials: The bloggers at Pejper promote using eco-friendly materials like bamboo or recycled textiles when decorating your home or updating your wardrobe.
  • Natural cleaning solutions: To reduce chemical usage in daily life, they recommend opting for natural cleaning solutions made from ingredients like vinegar, lemon, and baking soda.
  • Energy-efficient appliances: They also advocate for investing in energy-efficient appliances to minimize your carbon footprint and save on utility bills.

To learn more about sustainable living practices embraced by the Swedish lifestyle bloggers at Pejper, follow their Pinterest account or visit their blog for a wealth of inspiration and ideas that can help you lead a greener life.

HonestlyWTF – Curated Coolness

Erica Chan Coffman’s popular blog-turned-Pinterest account, HonestlyWTF, has attracted millions of followers who appreciate her keen eye for all things cool and trendy. With an array of stylish finds ranging from DIY projects to fashionable ensembles, this Pinterest account is a treasure trove for those seeking inspiration in various aspects of their lives.

Unique DIY Projects Worth Trying

If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your home or wardrobe, HonestlyWTF offers plenty of unique DIY project ideas. From upcycling old furniture pieces into chic statement items to creating stunning jewelry designs with simple materials, Erica’s pins will inspire you to get creative and crafty.

Chic Outfit Inspirations

Fashion enthusiasts will find themselves scrolling through the numerous boards dedicated to chic outfit inspirations. Whether it’s casual everyday looks or glamorous evening attire, there are style ideas suitable for every occasion. The curated content also includes seasonal trends and timeless classics that can help elevate anyone’s wardrobe game.

Artistic Expressions Across Different Mediums

Beyond fashion and DIY projects, HonestlyWTF showcases various forms of artistic expression on its Pinterest boards. You’ll discover beautiful illustrations by talented artists as well as captivating photography collections capturing the essence of different cultures around the world. 

These visual delights serve not only as aesthetic pleasures but also as sources of inspiration for other creatives seeking new ideas.

With its carefully curated content and visually appealing boards, HonestlyWTF has become a go-to Pinterest account for millions of users seeking inspiration in fashion, DIY projects, and artistic expressions. 

Dana Vokolos – Design Aesthetics Aficionado

With over 2 million followers on Pinterest, Dana Vokolos shares her passion for art and design through thoughtfully chosen pins showcasing everything from typography to home decor. She invites users into her world where creativity meets elegance in perfect harmony.

Typography Designs Worth Admiring

Dana’s love for typography is evident in her carefully curated collection of pins featuring various fonts, styles, and layouts. These inspiring examples demonstrate the power of well-designed text to convey messages effectively and aesthetically. 

Home Decor Concepts Blending Form and Function

Dana also showcases stunning home decor ideas. Her selection features the importance of combining functionality with visual appeal when designing living spaces.

  • Elegant Lighting Solutions: Discover unique chandeliers and lamps that serve as functional light sources and captivating decorative elements.
  • Creative Storage Ideas: Find innovative ways to organize your belongings while adding visual interest to your space.
  • Bold Color Palettes: Explore vibrant hues that can transform any room into an inviting and energizing environment.

Inspiring Works of Art from Various Artists

Dana’s appreciation for creativity extends beyond design and typography, as evidenced by her art board. This compilation exhibits a broad selection of art forms and techniques, such as canvases, statues, and presentations. 

By showcasing the work of both established and emerging artists, Dana encourages users to explore new perspectives on art while discovering their own creative passions.

FAQs in Relation to Popular Pinterest Users

Joy Cho of Oh Joy. holds the title for the most popular Pinterest user, with over 14 million followers. She shares content related to design, fashion, food, and lifestyle on her highly curated boards. Her visually appealing pins have earned her a massive following and made her an influential figure in the world of Pinterest.

Pinterest attracts a diverse range of users including individuals seeking inspiration or ideas for various aspects such as home decor, fashion, travel, recipes, and DIY projects. Additionally, businesses leverage this platform to showcase their products or services while bloggers use it to drive traffic to their websites.

Pinterest’s popularity stems from its visual nature that allows users to discover new ideas through images and videos easily. The platform also enables people to organize content into boards according to their interests which makes it convenient for them to save and access relevant information.

The majority of Pinterest’s monthly active users fall within the age group of 18-49 years old; however, there are still significant numbers among other age groups as well. This platform appeals to across generations due to its versatile nature catering to various topics like fashion trends or interior designs.


Popular Pinterest Users offer a plethora of ideas and inspirations for business owners, marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and founders. From interior design to fashion trends to travel experiences, these users curate some of the best content on Pinterest.

If you’re looking for home decor ideas or DIY projects worth trying out, Maryann Rizzo and Bekka Palmer have got you covered. For those who love exploring new destinations and global cuisine through recipes, Jane Wang is the perfect follow. And if you want minimalist interior design tips or sustainable living practices, Pejper has plenty of inspiration to offer.

Explore these popular Pinterest users today and find your next big idea!

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