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How to Change YouTube Name: A Comprehensive Guide

Renaming your YouTube channel is an important step for revamping or transforming your digital presence. 

Change YouTube Name

Changing Your YouTube Name and Channel Name on a Web Browser

Whether you’re rebranding your business or simply want to update your channel’s name, changing your YouTube name and channel name is an important step. Updating your YouTube name and channel name from a web browser is perfect for those who prefer making changes on their computer or laptop rather than mobile devices.

Signing into Your YouTube Account via Google

To begin, navigate to YouTube’s homepage. From the top right corner of the screen, click “Sign In” if you have not already logged in with your Google account. Enter your Google account credentials by clicking the “Sign In” button at the top right corner of YouTube’s homepage.

Navigating to The Settings Page for Editing Your Profile Information

Once logged in, click on the user account icon (usually displaying either a profile picture or the first letter of your name) located at the top right corner of any page on YouTube. A drop-down menu will appear; select “Settings” from this list.

In the settings menu that appears next, locate and click on “Edit on Google,” which can be found under “Your Channel.” This link directs you to your main Google Account management page, where all personal information related to both accounts can be edited simultaneously.

Updating Your Channel Name and Saving Changes

  1. To change only one part of your display name without affecting other aspects such as username or email address: Click on the “Personal Info”� tab situated along the left-hand side panel; then choose the option labeled “Name”.
  2. Input your desired name in the First Name and/or Last Name fields to make changes. Remember, this change will also affect other Google services linked to your account, such as Gmail or Google Drive.
  3. Once the desired name is entered, click “Save” at the bottom right to confirm.

Your YouTube channel’s display name should now reflect these updates. Once you’ve made the change, it may take a few minutes for all platforms to display the updated information.

Changing Your Channel URL

If you want to further customize your YouTube presence by updating your channel’s URL, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate back to the YouTube settings page by clicking on the user account icon > Settings from any page within the site.
  2. In the left-hand side panel under “Your Channel”, select the option labeled “Advanced Settings”. This brings up additional customization options available specifically for channels themselves – including the ability to create custom URLs based on current names/branding elements.

Modifying Your YouTube Name and Channel Name on Mobile App

Staying updated with the everchanging digital world requires having the ability to adjust your online identity on the go. Using the official YouTube mobile app, you can easily update your name and channel name for both Android and iOS users without needing access to a computer or laptop.

Downloading or Updating the Latest Version of the YouTube App

To ensure a smooth experience when modifying your account details, it’s crucial that you have the latest version of the YouTube app installed on your device. For Android users, open the Google Play Store and search for “YouTube,” then install it; iOS users should do the same on Apple App Store. Once you’ve downloaded the app, check if there are any updates available for download in either store.

Accessing Account Settings within The Application

Once you’ve ensured that you’re using an updated version of the app, follow these instructions:

  1. Open: Launch the YouTube application by tapping its icon from among other apps on your device.
  2. Login: Sign into your Google account associated with YouTube by entering credentials such as email address/username along with password when prompted.
  3. Navigate to Profile Icon & Settings Menu: Tap on the user profile picture located at the top-right corner which reveals additional options, including “Settings.”
  4. Access Your Channel: Select “Your channel” from the drop-down menu to view your current YouTube name and channel name.

Editing Personal Details such as Display Names

Once you’ve gone into your account settings and viewed the current names, it’s time to start altering them. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Edit Icon: Tap on the pencil icon next to your YouTube name or channel name. This will open up an editing window where you can type in new desired display names for both fields.
  2. Type New Name(s): In respective text boxes provided within the editing window, enter updated versions of either (or both) personal YouTube usernames along with the associated channel title which better reflects brand identity or individual preferences.
  3. Save Changes: To finalize modifications made during this process, tap on the “OK” button situated at the bottom-right corner after ensuring all information entered is correct & complete without any typos/errors present whatsoever.

It may take a few minutes for these updates to be reflected across various platforms linked with Google services (e.g., search results), so don’t worry if they aren’t immediately visible everywhere online right away.

Tips for Choosing Effective Display Names

A well-chosen display name can significantly impact how viewers perceive content creators’ channels upon first glance while browsing through countless options available via the platform itself or even external sources like social media networks/sharing sites/etcetera where links might appear embedded/shared by others too. 

To help ensure increased engagement & interest from potential subscribers, consider following these best practices when selecting new names:

  • Be Unique: Avoid generic terms or phrases that are too similar to other popular channels. Instead, opt for something distinctive and memorable.
  • Reflect Your Content: Your YouTube name and channel name should give viewers a clear idea of what they can expect from your videos. Ensure it precisely represents the type of content you create.
  • Keep It Short & Simple: Long display names can be difficult to remember and may not fit well on various devices/screens/platforms where users might encounter them – aim for brevity while still conveying key information effectively.

By following the steps outlined above, you’ll ensure maximum visibility/engagement among audiences who come across work shared via the platform itself or elsewhere throughout the World Wide Web at large.

Creating a New Channel with Desired Names while Keeping a Personal Google Account

Many YouTubers want to rename their existing channels but keep their personal Google accounts intact. Discover how this can be achieved by creating an entirely new channel without affecting other aspects of your online presence.

Understanding Why Separating Personal Accounts from Business Channels May Be Beneficial

In the world of YouTube, it’s common for content creators to have multiple channels dedicated to different topics or purposes. For example, you might have one channel focused on tutorials and another for vlogging. However, when these channels are linked to your personal Google account, it can become difficult to manage them separately and maintain a clear distinction between your professional and private life.

By separating your personal account from business-related channels, you gain several advantages:

  • Better organization: Managing multiple YouTube channels under separate accounts allows you to keep track of each channel’s analytics and performance more efficiently.
  • Easier collaboration: If you work with a team or plan on expanding in the future, having distinct accounts makes it simpler for others to access specific channel information without gaining access to your entire Google profile.
  • Maintaining privacy: Your personal email address won’t be visible on any public-facing parts of the platform if connected only with non-business related activities; this helps protect against spam or unwanted contact requests.

Create a Brand-New Channel Under Desired Names: A Step-by-Step Guide

Create a new brand account (optional)

If you wish not just to create another channel but also completely separate its management from your main Google account then consider setting up a new brand account. This will provide you with the ability to oversee multiple channels through one Google Account while maintaining your personal information discrete. To create a brand account, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your main Google Account.
  • Go to the “Your channels” page on YouTube by clicking on your profile picture and selecting “Switch accounts“.
  • Select “Add channel”.
  • Choose “Use a business or other name”, then enter the desired name for your new brand account.

Create a new YouTube channel: Once you have set up (or decided not to use) a brand account, it’s time to create the actual YouTube channel. Follow these instructions:

  • If using Brand Accounts, sign in with that specific Brand Account; otherwise, continue with the current Google account.
  • Navigate to youtube.com and select your profile icon in the top right corner to access “Create a channel” from the dropdown menu.
  • Select “Create a channel” from the dropdown menu.

Customize your new YouTube channel: After creating your new channel, it’s time to make it unique and appealing. Customize your profile picture, banner image, and about section by following these steps:

  • Click on “Customize Channel”.
  • Add or change your profile picture by clicking on the camera icon in the top left corner of the default image.
  • Edit your banner image by hovering over it and clicking on the pencil icon that appears. This will allow you to upload an eye-catching graphic that represents your brand or content theme.
  • Update information such as display names by clicking on the “Basic Info” tab at the top-left side of the screen; fill out relevant fields & save changes when done.

In conclusion, creating a separate YouTube channel with desired names while keeping a personal Google Account is not only possible but also beneficial in many ways. By following the steps outlined above, you can maintain a clear difference between your professional and personal online presence while enjoying better organization and easier collaboration.

FAQs in Relation to Change Youtube Name

Changing your YouTube name can be beneficial if it better represents your content, improves brand recognition, or makes it easier for viewers to find you. However, before making any changes, consider the potential impact on existing subscribers and search rankings.

Altering a video’s title may influence its visibility in search results and recommendations. When renaming videos, choose relevant keywords and accurate descriptions to maintain or improve their performance. Keep in mind that sudden drastic changes might confuse viewers.

Using your personal name as the channel’s title is suitable if you’re building a personal brand or showcasing individual expertise. For businesses or niche-specific content, choose a unique and descriptive channel name that reflects your offerings and target audience.

Yes, multiple channels can share identical names on YouTube since they are identified by unique URLs rather than titles alone. However, having distinct names helps avoid confusion among users while improving discoverability and branding efforts.


Renaming your YouTube account and channel is a straightforward task that can be accomplished through a web browser or mobile app. By signing into your account, navigating to the settings page, and updating your channel name, you can easily modify your personal details.

If you’re looking to separate personal accounts from business channels, creating a new channel with desired names may be beneficial. This involves setting up a brand-new channel under the desired names while keeping your personal Google account.

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