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Complete Twitter Chats: Guide To Hosting or Joining a Chat

Twitter Chats: Guide To Hosting or Joining a Twitter Chat is an essential resource for any business owner, marketer, blogger, entrepreneur, or founder looking to expand their social media skills.

Twitter chats are organized conversations that take place on Twitter using a specific hashtag at a designated time. They bring together a community of users who share a common interest or topic and engage in a real-time discussion. 

Twitter chats provide a dynamic and interactive platform for community engagement, knowledge sharing, networking, and personal growth. By actively participating in relevant chats, you can increase your visibility, establish yourself as a thought leader, connect with like-minded individuals, and gain valuable insights and opportunities in your field or area of interest.

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Twitter Chats

What is a Twitter Chat and Why Join One?

A Twitter chat is a scheduled conversation on the platform revolving around a single broad topic. By participating in or hosting a Twitter chat, business owners, marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and founders can demonstrate their industry expertise while connecting with their target audience. You might even become a good host along the way.

Tweet chats provide specific hashtags that allow participants to follow the conversation easily. 

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These social app events offer numerous benefits such as:

  • Gaining valuable insights from experts in your field
  • Fostering relationships with potential customers or partners
  • Increase Twitter followers by hosting your own chat live
  • Promoting blog posts or products within relevant conversations
  • Improving social network skills through active participation

Connecting with like-minded people, forming relationships, and participating in conversations are all possible through Twitter chats. 

Finding Relevant Twitter Chats

To participate effectively in Twitter chats, it’s essential to find Twitter hashtags relevant to your industry. Search popular hashtags used by others in your field and decide which ones you would like to attend. Use tools such as the native Twitter search bar or third-party applications like TweetDeck.

How to Find Hashtags Using the Native Search Bar

The easiest way to discover relevant Twitter chats is by using the platform’s built-in search feature. Simply type a keyword related to your niche into the search bar, followed by “chat” (e.g., #marketingchat). For more precise results, you can use the advanced search options on Twitter to narrow down your search.

  • Type a keyword related to your industry into the Twitter search bar.
  • Add “chat” after the keyword (e.g., #marketingchat).
  • Browse through results and identify potential chat opportunities.
  • Make note of chat schedules and add them to your calendar.

Trending Chats Worth Checking Out

Other than searching for specific keywords, monitor trending topics within your industry that may have associated chats. These can be found under the ‘Trends’ tab on both desktop and mobile versions of Twitter (Twitter Mobile Apps). Participating in these trending conversations allows you not only to connect with other professionals but also to stay updated with current events affecting businesses within similar industries.

  • #ContentWritingChat: A weekly discussion about content marketing strategies hosted by Express Writers.
  • #HootChat: A bi-weekly chat hosted by Hootsuite, covering social network marketing and management topics.
  • #SEMrushChat: A weekly chat about SEO, PPC, content marketing, and more hosted by SEMrush.
  • #Bufferchat: Hosted by Buffer, this weekly discussion covers various aspects of digital marketing.

By joining or hosting relevant Twitter chats in your industry, you can connect with like-minded professionals while sharing your expertise. 

Preparing for Participation

Before participating in any Twitter chat session, it’s essential to set yourself up for success. This includes having an engaging bio and profile picture ready, giving your followers a heads-up before joining so they can also take part if interested, and scheduling time each week until you find the best chats connecting with your target audience.

Setting Up Your Profile for Success

Your Twitter profile is often the first impression people have of you during a chat. Ensure that your bio accurately reflects you and your work while incorporating relevant keywords related to your industry. Also, use a clear and professional-looking profile picture that showcases your personality.

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Marking Your Calendar

To stay consistent with Twitter chat participation, schedule dedicated time slots on your calendar each week or month based on the frequency of these events within your niche. Use tools like Google Calendar or other digital planners to keep track of upcoming sessions so that you don’t miss out on valuable networking opportunities.

Preparation is key to participating in Twitter Chats, and by setting up your profile for success and marking your calendar you can ensure that you are ready.

Making The Most of Live Chats

Set aside dedicated time during live chats to engage with participants actively and contribute valuable insights into discussions taking place within thematic sessions. This will enable meaningful networking opportunities alongside other professionals within similar industries while simultaneously helping showcase your own social media skills set more broadly online too. 

Engaging Directly With Targeted Conversations Involving One or Two People

During a Twitter chat, it’s essential to engage directly with targeted conversations involving one or two people. By doing so, you can create deeper connections with fellow chat participants and showcase your expertise on the topic at hand. To achieve this, make sure to reply directly to tweets that resonate with you or ask follow-up questions when appropriate.

Generously Liking Retweets Quotes Tweets Follows Replies Where Appropriate

Show support for fellow Twitter users, by generously liking retweets, quote tweets, follows, and replies where appropriate. This not only helps build relationships but also increases the visibility of both your profile and the chat itself. Express your views on the various topics discussed during the chat.

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Tips for Engaging Effectively During a Chat:

  • Acknowledge others’ contributions by liking their tweets or responding thoughtfully.
  • Create conversation threads by asking open-ended questions related to the main topic.
  • If someone asks a question directed at you specifically (e.g., “@yourusername, what do you think about…?”), be sure to respond promptly and professionally.
  • Use the chat’s designated hashtag in all your tweets so that others can easily find and engage with your content.

In addition to engaging during live chats, consider following up with participants after the event. This could involve sending a personalized thank-you tweet or connecting on other social apps like LinkedIn.

10 Quick Tips For Effective Participation

By utilizing these tips, you can become an active partaker in diverse Twitter activities and make the most of your social network experience.

1. Be Generous With Likes, Retweets, Quote Tweets

Show appreciation for other participants’ contributions by liking their tweets and retweeting or quoting them when appropriate. This not only encourages further interaction but also helps build relationships with fellow users on Twitter.

2. Engage Directly With Targeted Conversations Involving One or Two People

Rather than just broadcasting your thoughts to everyone in the existing chat, engage directly with specific individuals who share similar interests or expertise. This way, people will think that you’re not only a good host, but also an accommodating one.

3. Network with Other Professionals Within Your Industry

Twitter chats provide an excellent opportunity for networking within your industry. Make sure to follow new connections made during the chat and continue engaging with them even after the event has ended.

4. Use Relevant Hashtags Throughout The Chat

  • Add Value To The Conversation Demonstrate your knowledge on a topic by providing insightful comments and sharing relevant resources like articles or blog posts from reputable sources.
  • Stay On Topic Avoid derailing the conversation by sticking to the chat’s theme and addressing questions posed by the host or other participants.
  • Prepare In Advance If you know a Twitter chat topic beforehand, do some research so that you can contribute valuable insights during the event. This will help establish your credibility as an expert in your field.
  • Promote The Chat To Your Followers Before joining a Twitter chat, let your followers know about it so they can also participate if interested. Broadcasting your chat to a wider audience increases engagement and amplifies the reach of your brand.
  • Maintain Proper Etiquette – Be respectful of others’ opinions and avoid using offensive language or engaging in personal attacks.

Hosting Your Own Twitter Chat

If you decide to host your own Twitter chat, consider potential topics of discussion and brainstorm questions ahead of time. Invite special guests who can offer expert advice on chosen subjects while creating an overarching theme for each session based on participant feedback. Promote upcoming sessions through personalized @mentions targeting key individuals.

Choosing Topics and Questions

To ensure a successful Twitter chat, it’s essential to select relevant topics that resonate with your target audience. Start by identifying common challenges or interests within your industry and create a list of potential themes. 

Once you have narrowed down the topic, prepare a set of engaging questions that will encourage participants to share their insights and experiences.

Inviting Special Guests

A great way to add value to your Twitter chat is by inviting special guests who are experts in the field related to the chosen topic. These guests can provide valuable input during the conversation, making it more informative for all participants involved. 

Reach out via email or direct message on social network apps like LinkedIn or Instagram before announcing their participation publicly.

  • Create a shortlist of potential guest speakers based on expertise in specific areas related to the selected topic.
  • Contact them personally with an invitation outlining why they would be an excellent fit for your event.
  • Promote their involvement across various channels (e.g., blog post announcements) leading up until the scheduled date/time when live chats take place online.

6 Tools for a More Productive Twitter Chat Experience

Enhance productivity during Twitter chats by using these six tools that streamline engagement, allowing users to focus more fully on the content being shared within thematic sessions held throughout any given week, month, or year. These tools can help you manage your participation in multiple chats and keep track of important conversations.


Tweetchat is a user-friendly tool designed specifically for participating in Twitter chats. It allows you to follow specific hashtags and filter out unrelated tweets so that you can concentrate on the chat at hand. You can also easily reply directly to other chat participants and retweet their messages without leaving the platform.


Nurph is another excellent tool for managing your presence in various tweet chats. With features like real-time hashtag tracking, threaded conversations, and an easy-to-use interface, Nurph makes it simple to stay engaged with fellow Twitter users during live discussions.


Hootsuite also offers functionality for participating in Twitter chats. By setting up streams dedicated to specific hashtags or keywords related to your chosen chat topic, you can monitor all relevant activity while still keeping an eye on your regular social network accounts.


TweetDeck, owned by Twitter itself, is a powerful tool for managing multiple accounts and participating in Twitter chats. You can create columns dedicated to specific hashtags or keywords related to your chat topic, allowing you to follow the conversation easily without getting lost in unrelated tweets.


Storify is an excellent option for gathering and organizing material from different social apps, such as Twitter. After a successful chat session, use Storify to compile highlights of the discussion into a single story that can be shared with your followers or embedded on your blog post as a recap of the event.


Buffer is another popular social network management platform that offers functionality for scheduling tweets during Twitter chats. By pre-scheduling some of your responses or questions using Buffer’s queue feature, you can ensure consistent participation throughout the entire chat while still having time to engage with other participants live.

Frequently Asked Questions Twitter Chats: Guide to Hosting or Joining a Twitter Chat

To host a Twitter chat, start by choosing a relevant topic and creating a unique hashtag. Develop questions to guide the conversation and set a date and time for the event. Promote your chat through social media channels, invite special guests, and use tools like Tweetchat or Hootsuite to manage the discussion. Engage with participants during the live session by responding to their tweets and encouraging interaction.

Joining a Twitter chat allows you to connect with like-minded professionals in your industry, share knowledge, gain insights from experts, build relationships within your network, increase brand visibility, showcase expertise on specific topics, and stay updated on trends in your field of interest, or business niche.

A Twitter Chat is an organized online conversation around specific topics using hashtags (#). Participants tweet their thoughts or answers using these designated hashtags at scheduled times allowing them to engage in real-time discussions with others who are also interested in that subject matter. These conversations can be followed easily via search functions on platforms such as TweetDeck.


Engaging with peers, boosting visibility, and growing your Twitter followers can be achieved through the use of Twitter chats. In this guide to hosting or joining a Twitter chat, we’ve covered everything from the definition of a Twitter chat to best practices for participating in one.

If you want to take your social media tactics up a notch and reach out further on Twitter, then taking part in or hosting a Twitter chat is essential. Check out WallBlog for more tips and tricks on how to elevate your digital marketing game.

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