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Ultimate Guide to Facebook Post Scheduling: Tips & Tricks

Facebook Post Scheduling is a powerful tool that allows businesses, marketers, and content creators to plan their social media presence in advance. By leveraging this feature, you can ensure your posts reach the right audience at optimal times for maximum engagement. 

Facebook post scheduling refers to the ability to plan and schedule your posts in advance on Facebook. Instead of publishing content immediately, you can select a specific date and time for your posts to be automatically published on your Facebook page. It allows you to maintain a consistent and strategic approach to your social media marketing efforts. Rather than manually posting content in real-time, you can schedule your posts in advance.

Facebook post scheduling offers benefits such as time efficiency, consistent posting schedule, targeted timing, global reach, flexibility and convenience, analysis and optimization, and time zone targeting. By scheduling your posts in advance, you can streamline your social media marketing efforts, engage with your audience at the right time, and achieve better results from your Facebook content strategy.

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Facebook Post Scheduling

Scheduling Posts on Facebook Pages

Learn how to schedule posts on your Facebook Page using Meta Business Suite, formerly known as Facebook’s Business Suite. This tool helps you manage and plan content for your page efficiently.

Accessing Meta Business Suite via Desktop or Mobile App

To access Meta Business Suite, log in to your Facebook account and visit the Facebook business homepage. If you prefer using a mobile app, download the Meta Business Suite app from either the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

Creating a Post and Setting the Date and Time for Scheduling

  1. Navigate to your desired Facebook Page within Meta Business Suite.
  2. Navigate to your desired Facebook Page within Meta Business Suite, then select “Create Post” at the top of your screen.
  3. Type out your post content, add images or videos if necessary, and include any relevant links with appropriate anchor text that accurately describes linked content. For example: “How to Boost Your SEO Rankings Today.” would be an ideal anchor text for linking an article about improving search engine optimization results.
  4. In order to schedule this post instead of publishing it immediately, click on “Publish Now,” then select “Schedule.”
  5. Pick a date and time to have your post go live, posts scheduled must be shared between 20 minutes up to 75 days from the moment they are created.
  6. Click “Schedule” again to finalize your scheduling settings. Your post will now appear in the “Scheduled Posts” section of Meta Business Suite.

Scheduling Facebook Page posts using Meta Business Suite allows you to plan content ahead of time, ensuring a consistent posting schedule while freeing up valuable time for other important tasks related to managing your business’s online presence.

Scheduling Posts in Facebook Groups

Scheduled group posts can help keep members engaged with relevant updates at optimal times.

Requirements for Scheduling Group Posts (Admin/Moderator Access)

To schedule a post in a Facebook Group, you must have either admin or moderator access. 

This ensures that only authorized individuals can plan and manage content within the group. If you are not already an admin or moderator, request permission from the current admins before scheduling any content.

Steps to Create and Schedule a Post in a Group via Desktop Website Interface

  1. Navigate to your desired Facebook Group page on your desktop browser.
  2. If you’re an admin or moderator, locate the “Write Post” box at the top of the group’s feed where it says “What’s on your mind?” Click inside this box to begin creating your post.
  3. Add text, images, videos, polls, events, or other elements as needed for your post by using available options below the text input area.
  4. Once you’ve finished crafting your message and adding any necessary attachments, click on the small clock icon located next to “Post.” This will open up scheduling options for your new update.
  5. Select “Schedule Post,” then select a date and time when you want this content shared with members of the group.

If you’re using a mobile device for the Facebook app, it’s best to refer to Facebook’s Help Center for updated instructions on scheduling group posts from your specific platform.

Rescheduling Scheduled Posts

There may be instances when you need to change the date and time of your scheduled content on both Facebook Pages and Groups. This could be due to changes in plans, audience interests, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Changing the Date and Time of Scheduled Content

To reschedule a post on a Facebook Page, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your page’s Meta Business Suite dashboard by clicking here.
  2. Select “Posts” from the left-hand menu.
  3. You will see a list of all published, scheduled, and drafted posts for your page. Locate the post you want to reschedule.
  4. Click on the three-dot icon next to that specific post and select “Reschedule.”
  5. A window will appear with a calendar, enabling you to select an alternate date and time for your post. Make sure it adheres to Facebook’s scheduling constraints (minimum of 20 minutes between creation & posting; maximum of 75 days from creation).
  6. Once satisfied with your selection, click “Save” or “Schedule,” depending on whether you’re using desktop or mobile app versions respectively.

If you wish to reschedule a post within a Facebook Group:

  1. Login into Facebook via the desktop website interface since group scheduling is not available through mobile apps at this moment.
  2. Navigate directly into the Admin tools panel located in the left side column.
  3. Tapping “See more” reveals additional settings among which “Scheduled Posts” can be selected.
  4. Locate the post you want to reschedule and click on the three-dot icon next to it.
  5. Select “Reschedule Post” from the drop-down menu that appears.
  6. A calendar window will pop up allowing you to pick a new date & time for your post (minimum of 20 minutes between creation & posting; maximum of 75 days from creation).

Time Constraints for Scheduled Content

Understanding the limitations regarding when you can share scheduled content on both pages and groups is crucial to ensure timely sharing while maintaining flexibility within certain bounds.

Minimum 20 minutes between creation & posting

This restriction helps maintain a sense of genuineness in your social media presence, avoiding over-posting or spamming behavior. It gives you the opportunity to inspect your post prior to it being made public, allowing any modifications that might be needed.

Maximum 75 days from creation

In addition to the minimum waiting period, Facebook also sets an upper limit of 75 days from when you make a scheduled post until it must be shared. This limitation motivates businesses and marketers to keep their content fresh and relevant instead of relying on outdated material.

According to Facebook’s Help Center, any posts not shared within this time frame will automatically expire.

Note: These restrictions apply primarily to desktop users scheduling posts through Meta Business Suite or Creator Studio. Mobile app users may experience more lenient time constraints due to differences in the operation of these platforms.

  • Scheduling via Desktop: Adheres strictly to the 20-minute minimum and 75-day maximum rules mentioned above.
  • Scheduling via Mobile Apps: Users have reported being able to schedule posts outside these limits using mobile apps like Meta Business Suite and Creator Studio.

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Using Creator Studio vs Meta Business Suite App

There are differences between Creator Studio and Meta Business Suite App. By examining the capabilities of each platform, you can determine which one is best for organizing your social media page content.

Overview of Features Available in Each Platform

  • Creator Studio: This tool is designed for creators and publishers who manage multiple Facebook Pages or Instagram accounts. It offers a comprehensive dashboard where users can view insights, respond to messages, schedule posts, and monitor performance across all connected accounts. Some key features include video monetization options, access to a sound collection library, and rights management tools for copyrighted material protection.
  • Meta Business Suite App: This platform provides an integrated space for businesses to manage their Facebook Page(s), Instagram account(s), Messenger conversations, and ads from one place. Key features include post-scheduling capabilities on both platforms (Facebook & Instagram), and audience targeting options based on demographics or interests data points collected through user engagements with your content.

Setting Up Live Video Events

Planning live video events ahead of time by creating them as scheduled posts can help notify your audience in advance and allow you to prepare the necessary details for a successful live stream. Specifying the title, date, and time for your scheduled live video is necessary to ensure a successful event.

Steps to Create a Live Video Event on Facebook

  1. Navigate to your Facebook Page or Group: To start setting up a live video event, go to the desired page or group where you want it hosted.
  2. Select “Create Post”: Click on the box where you would normally enter a status update.
  3. Create Live Video Event: Select the More (three dots) menu next to “Add Photo/Video” then click on “Live Video.” A new window will open; click on “Create Live Video Event”.
  4. Add Details: Enter relevant information such as title, description, date, and time for your upcoming event. You can also choose whether it’s public or private based on who should have access.
  5. Schedule Your Stream: Once all required fields are filled out correctly, hit “Schedule” at the bottom right corner of that window. This will schedule your event with notifications sent out accordingly before going live at specified times.

Tips for Specifying Title, Date & Time for Scheduled Live Videos

  • Title: Your title should be engaging and precisely describe your live video event. Ensure it’s not too long, but still provides enough information to entice viewers.
  • Date: Choose a date that gives you ample time to prepare and promote your event. Consider the interests of your target audience when selecting the day.
  • Time: Selecting an optimal time can significantly impact viewer engagement during your live stream. Keep in mind factors like peak hours on Facebook, different time zones of your audience members, and their daily routines or commitments when determining the best timing.

FAQs in Relation to Facebook Post Scheduling

No, Facebook is not getting rid of scheduled posts. They continue to support post-scheduling for Pages and Groups through tools like Creator Studio and the Meta Business Suite App. These platforms allow users to plan, create, schedule, and manage their content efficiently.

Yes, you can still schedule posts on Facebook using Creator Studio or Meta Business Suite App. Both platforms provide options for scheduling content in advance for Pages and Groups where you have admin or moderator access.

The Facebook scheduler allows users to create a post with text, images, videos, or links and set a specific date and time for it to be published automatically. This feature helps businesses maintain consistent posting schedules without needing manual intervention at each posting time.

Scheduling Facebook posts enables businesses to maintain consistency in their social media presence while saving time by automating the publishing process. It also allows them to strategically plan content ahead of time based on audience engagement patterns or upcoming events/promotions.

You can schedule your Facebook Posts up to 75 days in advance from the creation date. However, there must be a minimum gap of 20 minutes between creating the post and its scheduled publishing time.


In conclusion, scheduling Facebook posts is an important part of any social media manager’s strategy to maximize engagement and reach on the platform. Whether you’re using Meta Business Suite or Creator Studio, it’s easy to schedule content for your pages or groups, and even set up live video events.

It’s important to keep in mind that there are time constraints when scheduling content. There should be a minimum of 20 minutes between creation and posting and a maximum of 75 days from creation. This way, you can ensure that your scheduled posts go out at specific times for your audience, which can lead to maximum engagement.

Consider using a tool like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to streamline your publishing process. These platforms allow you to schedule posts across multiple social media accounts and even set specific dates for publishing.

Remember to monitor your Facebook reach and adjust your content strategy accordingly. By analyzing your audience’s behavior and preferences, you can optimize your content for maximum engagement and reach. For more tips and insights on digital marketing and social media trends, visit WallBlog.

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